Christian Pimentel
Christian Pimentel
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Christian Pimentel is a Native to Fort Myers Florida. Born and raised in the area, a native of Florida and with ties to different countries around the globe, providing Christian Pimentel with insight into diverse cultures. In addition, she has accumulated 10 years of knowledge and experience in hospitality, customer service, and real estate nationally and internationally. Christian will be able to deliver exclusive and inclusive experiences for first time buyers and veterans to the real estate market. Your experience will be an informative and professional experience, that will supply confidence in navigating the complexity of any real estate transaction.
Whether you are venturing out on your own, carving a path to new heights or finding a place to call home and a safe place to lay your head down at night surrounded by your greatest treasures; Christian Pimentel's artistic eye, unique perspective and tenacity will be a force in ensuring the clients receive the best representation. Christian's familial ties in real estate offer invaluable knowledge in navigating the real estate process. Christian can deliver representation in English, Spanish and Arabic.
Christian enjoys helping the community grow, and spends time helping those in need. Christian's current passion project is committed to building community gardens/Food Forest, where all produce from garden/Food Forest are accessible to the community; Ensuring that one more person has access to food.