How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving into a new house or buying your first house is an exciting milestone, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like home. A house isn’t just something that protects a person from the elements and provides a place to sleep, it’s also a feeling of belonging and comfort. This can seem hard to build sometimes, but there are things that you can do to help. Here are seven ways to transform your new house into a home.

1. Add A Personal Touch

The best way to start making a home feel like your own is adding all of your one-of-a-kind trinkets and personal belongings. Try hanging memorable photos of family and friends on the walls or filling a bookshelf with your must-read books. Add pops of your favorite colors, designs, and patterns to liven up the house also.

2. Change the Smell

One of the key ingredients to a homey-feel is developing a comfortable and familiar smell. Stock up on different candles or get a plug-in or wax warmer and fill it with the smells you love the most to create a warm, inviting atmosphere as soon as someone walks through the door.

3. Change Up the Floors

This is a good place to start when moving into a completely empty place, especially if it doesn’t have carpet. Rugs and carpet make a place softer and cozier. They also take away some of the echo and emptiness created by blank floors. This is an easy, quick way to make a room feel immediately more welcoming.

4. Create Your Ideal Lighting

Whether you want to open up a room or give it a romantic glow, lighting creates all kinds of opportunities. There are countless ways to personalize your lighting experience, from adding a vintage chandelier in the foyer, LED daylight lighting to small spaces, strings of lights to the patio, or a dimmer switch to the dining room. Make it perfect for you.

5. Put the Excess in Storage

Nothing ruins the homey-vibe like cardboard boxes everywhere. It is, of course, something that comes along with moving, but try to clear it all out as soon as possible. Move any excess boxes or furniture that aren’t needed at the time to a storage room or unit. The sooner you can stop living out of a box, the better you will feel.

6. Curate Artwork

Style your home with your favorite artist. Check out the local art available around your new area or bring in a classic that has followed you through the years. This allows a person to put their touch on the walls without over-cluttering the house with family photos and memorabilia.

7. Create a Center

There is always one stand-out piece in every home that just pulls everything together – find yours. Whether you already have your ideal statement piece or you have to hit every antique thrift shop in the area to find it, make it your own. It should be something that, every time you see it, immediately gives you that feeling that you have made it home.

Moving into a new house can be overwhelming and decorating is just another thing on the list. Don’t over complicate the process. You aren’t stuck with these decorations or designs forever. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and make it yours. Surround yourself with an atmosphere that brings you peace of mind and comfort – that’s how you’ll know you’re home.

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